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The stretching of the abdominal wall is carried out with those patients with whom the elasticity of the skin of the belly has yielded, overall with those who complain of too much skin in the lower part of the belly after a pregnancy. The operation is done under semi-conscious narcosis and local anaesthetics.

    The cuts are made:
  • 1. Around the navel,
  • 2. in the genital parts and
  • 3. in the middle section of the abdominal wall.

The skin together with the fat tissue is parted from the stomach muscles till the rib-vaulting; the skin gets stretched and the overlapping skin gets cut away afterwards. The straight stomach muscles get stretched from the inside. The following step is to cut out a little "window" out of the abdominal skin, through which a new navel is being built. Inside the layer under the abdominal skin Redon-Drain is being injected for 7-10 days. This step helps to drain the superfluous tissue liquid out and to ease the bandage of the abdominal wall. The patient is requested to wear a corset for 3-4 weeks after the operation. For an ideal healing of the operated part medical orders are to be followed, i.e. a considerate way of living and the refrain from sex up to 3 weeks after the operation.

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