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Breast correction - augmentation
According to the patient's wishes the physician provides her with breast implants made of silicone or liquid NaCl. If the patient wishes other implants they can be ordered elsewhere. The patient can choose between smooth cushions for the breast and those with a "texture", i.e. with an uneven surface for the operation. Generally, the cut which is 4-5 cm, is done in the section along the ribs, where the breasts begin. This is the safest way for the patient as well as for the physician. According to the anatomical built of the patient the cushion is placed either under the muscle of the breast or its gland. Six days later the thin Intracutanious-suture is being removed and the patient has to wear a shaping bra for the next 2-3 months, which helps the symmetry of the breasts. Sometimes the enlargement of the breast is accompanied by the simultaneous modulation of the nipple - the replacement of the nipple into the original height. The operation for the enlargement of the breasts is carried out with the patient being under general narcosis. The convalescence period is 3 weeks. The patient is requested not to work physically and to refrain from driving.

Duration of operation: 1,15 - 1,30 h

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