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Correction of the eyelids
The surgical treatment is carried out in a semi-conscious narcosis and with local anaesthetics The cut reaches from the top of the forehead to the external ear in a natural line which will be covered by the hair later on. In order to reach the middle part of the neck it is necessary to set a cut in the chin wrinkle. The overlapping skin in the cheek-, neck-, and temple area gets cut away, in some cases the surgeon additionally carries out a simultaneous sucking off the fat. Thin Redon-drains are injected for 48 hours, the bandage is applied for 7-10 days with a daily change of the tissue paper. The sutures are removed after 6-10 days. A facelift operation can be done separately or simultaneously with a correction of the eyelids.

Duration of operation: Facelift: 2,5 - 3 h,
Correction of eyelids: 1 - 1,5 h

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