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Gynecomastia, is an excess of the breast at men. He can be caused by the hypertrophy of mammae, of fatty tissue (alias gynecomastia), or both for the time. The operation of the gynecomastia is being conducted in anaesthetization general which is aimed at removing tissues causing the distortion, that is: fatty tissue, gland and excess also remaining the time of the skin. Depending on the applied technique: of sucking out the fatty tissue, of surgeon's cutting out tissues, after the operation smaller or bigger scars stay near nipples. After the operation the Patient stays in the Clinic for the night under the care of the staff nurse. Of next day drains, but a bandage replaced with special pressure clothes which one should carry according to recommendations of the surgeon are being removed. Directly after the operation slight pain complaints which it is possible to reduce can appear taking recommended medicines. After the operation massages of used surroundings and applying ekspropriator creams to scars are being recommended to the Patient the visible effect is Ultimate after about 2 months. Patients are usually returning to the full energetic attitude to life after passage 7 - 10 days. One should refrain oneself from physical exercises for the period of 1 month. The sexual activity can be taken in most cases after the end of 2 weeks. Scars after the operation can be tanned only after the year.

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