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Information for Patients

The plastic surgery is a special field of the surgery sector which consist of the reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery.

The reconstructive surgery treats head-, torso- and limb deformities as well as defigurations due to accidents or illnesses. Surgery of the hands and surgery of the uro-genital apparatus are part of this field, too.

The aesthetic surgery as a part of the plast is a sector in which a significant and dynamic could be noted during the last few years changes of the enviromentin society and perception of man has undergone a significant.

The condition of well-being is a result no healthy inner organs and bodily activities but the outer appearance which is perceived surrounding people as well as by the himself. Self acceptance is a basis for psychic which strengthens the self confidence and for physical stability in everyday life.

A satisfying result of plastic surgery, for both a patient and a doctor, depends on proper qualification for the surgery and good preparation for the procedure, perfectly performed surgery and patient's obeyance to recommendations and post-surgical advice. It is extremely important to be in constant touch with a plastic surgeon as good final results are awaited by both the patient and his doctor. All these facts, although sometimes seemingly unimportant elements , may turn out to be decisive of the satisfying final result. The patient must be also aware that despite the advances of plastic surgery in the last thirty years, limitations such as anatomical conditions or , frequently , individual features observed in some patients reduce the possibility of achieving the desired result. It is necessary to inform the doctor about the past and present diseases as they may have an influence on the course of surgery and post-recovery period. Generally, a patient qualified for a plastic surgery ( especially, the ae sthetic one) should be healthy as serious systematic diseases exclude surgical treatment. An absolute contraindication to extensive surgeries such as face-lifting or surgery of flaccid abdominal integuments is nicotinism.


  • Do not eat or drink 6 hours before the planned surgery performed in general anaesthesia.
  • Have the last meal 3 hours before the surgery performed in local anaesthesia.
  • Bring last result of laboratory tests.
  • Take a pyjamas, slippers, toilet utensils.
  • Before the surgery in the head area one should: wash the hair, remove the make-up, clean the nose passages, remove the nasal hair; in the trunk area remove excessive hair do not put on any moisturising creams.
  • Remove nail enamel or remove a tip from at least one finger.
  • Leave the jewellery at home and remove all metallic decorations.
  • Two weeks before the surgery do not take any contraceptive medicaments or aspirine like talets.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke 24 hours before the surgery.
  • Surgery in women are performed before or after menstruation (never during).
  • The patient is obliged to confirm her/his arrival minimum one week before the surgery. Lack of such a confirmation means resignation from the surgery.
  • Before the surgery and after one month pictures of the operated area should be taken.

Medical examinations to be performed before the surgery:

  • 1. Blood cell count
  • 2. Blood group
  • 3. Electrolytes
  • 4. Bleeding time, clotting time
  • 5. HBS, HiV
  • 6. RTG - in case previous lungs deseases
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