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Lipo means "fat" and suction means sucking off. Therefore this method of body shaping is based on sucking off fat tissue from particular parts of the body with extremely small tubes which function on a partial vacuum method. A Lipo-suction is not an adequate substitute for a diet, it is a correction of several parts of the body. Fat tissue can be found on women's bellies, hips, thighs and bottoms whereas men develop fat depots in the stomach region. This development is due to the effect of female (Oestrogenes) and male (Androgenes) hormones. Prior to the operation the patient's skin is examined concerning the ability to shrink after the lipo-suction. The doctor also has a close look for potential varicose veins and into the patient's medical history. Prior to the operation the patient gets a treatment of intra venial liquids and Heparin. The operation itself is conducted with the patients being in a semi-conscious narcosis and with a local anaesthetic of the parts operated on. The intubation of the hypodermic syringe postulates a cut of the length of 2-3 mm as the hypodermic syringe has a small diameter. The exact measurements of the fat tissue sucked off per part of the body are noted down. The patient gets sucked off no more than 2000cc in one session. The patient is requested to wear a corset the 8 weeks following the operation. For the time after the operation the patient is requested to do some normal physical activities, drink at least 2 l of mineral water a day and to get a therapy of antibiotics. The removal of the fibre is due about 6 or 7 days after the operation. Concerning the post-operational treatment water massage is recommended.

Duration of operation: 1,5 - 2 h

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