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Nose correction

This operation is carried out under general narcosis. The correction of the nose is a full scale operation, i.e. the bridge of the nose gets corrected, the hump of the nose is excavated the nose is being shortened and the tip of the nose modelled as well as a four-times contraction osteotomy is carried out. In case of the wings of the nose being too long, they get shortened by 3-4 mm. The operation is carried out only from the inside of the nose, therefore no scars will be visible After the operation the patient will be wearing a pressure bandage while tissue tampons block the nostrils for 4 to 5 days. After the operation the facial skin around the nose is swollen and effusions of blood are to be seen. The operation of the tip of the nose is carried out nearly simular, but without any chirurgical osteotomy of the bones of the nose. The bandage is applied for one week.

Duration of operation: 1 - 1,5 h

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