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Plastic surgery, being the field of medical surgery, can be divided into reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery deals with the treatment of head (e.g. cleft defects), trunk and extremities' defects, deformities caused by diseases or accidents as well as the surgery of hand and genito-urinary system

Recently, aesthetic surgery that is a part of plastic surgery has developed rapidly. The changes taking place in Poland have also changed the philosophy of seeing a man as a whole. His well-being is determined not only by his well functioning internal organs but also by his fitness and the way he looks - accepted by people around him and the patient himself. Self-acceptance means psychic balance which helps to be assertive and to cope with difficult problems of everyday life.

Medical consultations are carried out in friendly and understanding atmosphere and it is then when we confront the patient's expectations and possibilities of modern plastic surgery. During the discussion on various surgical methods , patients are shown photographs taken before and after surgeries and they are also informed about complications that may occur after the surgery.

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