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"Centrum Medyczne im. Św. Jerzego" in Poznań
nowoczesna sala operacyjna

Dr n. med. Wojciech Chiciak przed operacją powiększenia piersi

The Clinic
Wojciech Chiciak, M.D.Ph.D., cooperates with one private clinic in Poznań. It is a small hospital where there are receptions with examination rooms, spacious and air-conditioned operating theatres and comfortable rooms for patients. This clinic is fully equipped with novelties and instruments in the sectors of diagnostics and surgical treatment and provides an own laboratory for immediate analysis. This clinic specialises in the sector of plastic surgery. The thorough and professional consultation during which the patients can find out the best possible way for a conversion of their ideas by the help of current possibilities in the field of plastic surgery is carried out in a friendly atmosphere. New methods of treatment are presented as well as photos which indicate the before/after situation. The patients get more information about the operation and the following convalescence period.

The clinic ensures:
  • USG, EKG and EEG,
  • All kinds of medical check-ups,
  • Safety, good information on the treatment, quality,
Most of the physicians, who are working in the clinics are members of the medical faculty of the University of Poznan and therefore are able to improve their professional skills and qualifications at international conferences as well as on stages overseas constantly. Knowledge of our field of working, a competent but also comfortable atmosphere and the individual treatment of each patient and the care for his/her medical history are considered as the basis of our work at the clinic.
Chirurgica Plastica - Specjalistyczny Gabinet Lekarski - dr n. med. Wojciech Chiciak
tel./fax: +48 61 817 50 55, tel. kom.: +48 601 721 725, e-mail: dr.chiciak@chirurgica-plastica.com
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